Thursday, June 13, 2024

“Buy with your eyes, pay with your glance!”: Mastercard launches biometric retail payment system in Europe, using Poland as testing ground

After running pilot tests in Brazil and parts of the Asia Pacific for roughly two years, Mastercard is finally rolling out its biometric retail payments system in Europe. The world’s largest payment card company appears to be determined to wean consumers off not only cash, its eternal rival, but also credit and debit cards, its main line of business until now. To that end, it is piloting its Biometric Checkout Program in Poland in collaboration with local fintech company PayEye, which will be providing its iris and face biometric technology.

Ex-CDC director Robert Redfield says compulsory COVID-19 vaccination was  was “emotional”, “terrible” decision not based on science but due to “tremendous influence from the pharmaceutical industry”

Chris Cuomo speaks with Dr. Robert Redfield, former head of the CDC, about the origins and ongoing impact of COVID-19, including the role of U.S. and Chinese research in the virus’s development. Redfield shares insights on government overreach, the effectiveness and side effects of vaccines, and the reality of long COVID, emphasizing the need for transparency and a comprehensive review of the pandemic response.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Near-death experiencer Damian Horton claims we are pure God consciousness

Singer and songwriter Damien Horton had near death experience due to a high speed car accident. He explains how that felt and what it taught him about who human beings really are. 

Sunday, June 9, 2024

German Right triumphs on bloodbath night for ruling coalition

Given the absolutely catastrophic final weeks before the election, this should not have been possible. The party’s top candidate Maximilian Krah had to suspend his campaign and the AfD was kicked out of the ID group in the European Parliament, due to comments he made about the Waffen-SS — and that’s before getting to the spying and corruption allegations. Yet voters were undeterred, demonstrating that the AfD now has a solid base of around 15% which is willing to vote for the party under almost any circumstances.

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Explosive hearing in the Philippine House of Representatives: “COVID vaccinations are the main cause of excess mortality”

A Philippine House of Representatives committee investigation into hundreds of thousands of deaths linked to the Covid “vaccine” has produced explosive findings.

The committee learned that since the rollout of the Covid "vaccine" there have not only been hundreds of thousands of deaths, but also a decline of almost a million births in the country.

“Unleash the full power of government”: how the US pressured Germany into lockdown

The RKI protocols have been largely redacted. So what's behind the upgrade of the risk assessment in March 2020? Was Germany sent into lockdown by a deputy head of the authority? What seems clear is that the pressure was orchestrated internationally – and came from the USA.

Swedish defense chief says actions against Philippines in South China Sea threaten global security

Sweden’s defense chief has expressed alarm over Beijing’s repeated dangerous maneuvers against Philippine vessels in the South China Sea, saying such actions threaten global security, undermine stability and underscore the need to invest “for our security and freedom.”

The problem with Nigel Farage

Farage may have led a political party — two, actually, twice — but he has never held executive office. He has never been Minister for anything. And so he has never been accountable for anything.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Corona researchers: Western governments knew that SARS-CoV-2 could come from a laboratory

Several Western governments may have known in the early stages of the Corona crisis that the “novel coronavirus” SARS-CoV-2 may have come from a research laboratory. According to Corona researchers such as physics professor Roland Wiesendanger from the University of Hamburg, this is suggested by the security policy reactions of many Western governments from spring 2020 and information that subsequently became known from US committees of inquiry. A “close connection has now become apparent between the origin of the corona pandemic in autumn 2019 and the political measures taken from March 2020,” writes Wiesendanger in an article for the magazine “Cicero”. (May 27) “The response was that of a military threat.” 

Ex-reporter explains how New York Times weaponised "fake news"

When Nellie Bowles got her dream job as a reporter for the New York Times, she thought she'd never leave her the legacy paper. But what she witnessed behind the scenes gave her a very personal insight into the political capture of the American newsroom. She tells UnHerd's Freddie Sayers about how the disinformation movement, mainstream media bias and finding herself outside the tribe.

Russia co-opts far-right politicians in Europe with cash, officials say

Internal Kremlin documents obtained by one of the European intelligence services and reviewed by The Post show for the first time that Voice of Europe was part of an influence campaign established by the Kremlin in close coordination with Viktor Medvedchuk, the Putin ally who until Russia’s invasion of Ukraine led a pro-Moscow opposition party in Kyiv.

The organization was being used to funnel hundreds of thousands of euros — up to 1 million a month — to dozens of far-right politicians in more than five countries to plant Kremlin propaganda in Western media that would sow division in Europe and bolster the position of pro-Russian candidates in this week’s European Parliament elections,according to interviews with a dozen European intelligence officials from five countries.